Sustainability lies at the heart of our values, and we aim to make a positive impact on both the planet and society.

We were certified carbon neutral in April 2023, and we are proud to belong to a small group of hospitality businesses that can claim this status.

Every business consumes resources, and we are no different. Our ultimate aim is to achieve Net Zero at the earliest opportunity.

To do so will require a fundamental shift in the hospitality supply chain. Until then, we aim to reduce our environmental impact every year by searching for better ways to do what we do and help our supply chain work more sustainably.

To inspire those interested, we have chosen to share some of our systems and practises in the hope that it may help others on a similar journey.


Purchasing 100% renewable electricity is the best way a hospitality business can reduce CO2e emissions.

Purchasing 100% renewable electricity and transitioning from gas catering equipment to energy-efficient electrical appliances are highly effective ways for a hospitality business to reduce CO2e emissions

Traditionally, most pub and restaurant kitchens rely on gas-powered appliances. However, we made a conscious effort to minimise gas usage by purchasing highly efficient electrical catering equipment. The only exceptions were our central heating and a hybrid gas/charcoal Robata Grill.

As a result, in our first year of operation, we successfully reduced gas consumption by 150,000 kWh compared to the annual usage of our previous similar business. This reduction amounts to over 27 tonnes of CO2e emitted annually, as per UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting.

Our electrical consumption in our first year of operation was approximately 160,000 kWh. By purchasing renewable electricity with a zero carbon footprint, we achieved a reduction of over 30 tonnes of CO2e emissions compared to using non-renewable electricity, as reported by UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting.

These two examples highlight the significant impact that purchasing renewable energy and investing in energy-efficient equipment can have on emissions for a busy hospitality business and demonstrates how small changes can lead to substantial CO2e reductions.

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